Sun Care and Your Newly Microbladed Brows

Sun care

Ladies! If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you probably remember being given very specific instructions when it came to sun care. Right?

Well, same goes for newly microbladed eyebrows.

The sun (while LOVELY), presents a few issues with freshly microbladed brows:

Exposure to Sunlight May Cause Premature Fading

As with a tattoo or any small, open wound, we recommend not exposing your brows to sunlight for about two weeks after your appointment. We realize this can be difficult to achieve in the spring and summer, but some ideas are:

  • Hang out in the shade
  • Wear large sunglasses
  • Simply stay indoors

You’ll get the best result by staying out of the sunlight, and you’ll thank yourself after for being so diligent.

Sunscreen is Not an Approved Moisturizer

After your brows are microbladed, we provide you with an approved moisturizer to use on them throughout the healing process. Please so not swap this for sunscreen and think you can go hang out at the beach!

Your brows need a specific, healing product. Not Coppertone. M’kay? 😉

Swelling May Get Worse in the Sun

Your brows will be slightly swollen for 24-48 hours after the initial microblading procedure. If you are exposing your brows to the sunlight, this swelling could worsen.

A Sunburn on Fresh Brows would SUCK

Burning a fresh wound (which is essentially what microblading is) would be painful and definitely hinder both the healing process and the final result. Be careful and mindful and patient with your brows during the first two weeks after your procedure!

So. If you’re planning on having your brows microbladed this spring or summer, that’s GREAT! But we highly encourage you to follow proper sun care. If you have questions, please ask us! We’d be happy to offer clarification and give you our very best tips on how to heal well in the warmer (sunnier!) weather.